Visible Monday: Razzle Dazzle

This morning was my harmonica show/presentation/recital at the preschool.  As I got dressed I could only think about the things that would hold a 3-year old’s attention in case my playing did not.

30 Weeks

The blouse is INC Concepts and is not a maternity design but I decided to wear it for its bling factor.  It conveniently has an elastic trim on the bottom so it wraps the belly nicely and tends to stay put underneath.  Kids love to ask about the beads and sequins.  The real razzle dazzle though came from the neck up:

Razzle Dazzle

It seems that whenever I wear a bright eyeshadow (which is nearly always) the kids go crazy for it.  My neighbor’s daughter loves to point it and my eye out and then ask repeatedly “WHY?”  Fair question Nola Jane.  Fair question.  Today I added sparkles for some extra pizzazz.  I like wearing this a lot but I don’t do it often enough.  It can give the same flattering effect of white eyeliner but oh so much more fun.  Some dangling sparkles on the ears and off we went to school!

Sadly I was bumped for a special music class but my husband juggled for the kids and they loved it.  He did not wear sparkly eyeliner.  His balls were enough.  With a promise to return to play after the holidays, I headed out to my harmonica lesson where my instructor was disappointed I had nothing to report but impressed by my commitment to the costume.

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Happy Monday!


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