By the Book

I couldn’t believe my luck when stumbling upon Joanna Cole’s highly recommended “I’m a Big Brother” book at the thrift store recently.  While we talk a lot about this topic with Arlo, we haven’t read anything yet.  I brought the book home and upon our first reading I choked when we got to this page:

By the Book


“Uh…milk.  But not momma’s milk.  Uh…um…OUR baby will drink momma’s milk just like you…THIS baby is … uhmmm…”

*quickly turn the page*

Boy, I was not expecting a bottle-fed newborn in a book.  I guess I not only drink the koolaid but brew my own and eat granola on the side.  As Baby Sister breastfeeding is the number one issue we need to introduce, clarify and breed acceptance of, this book — while charming — is not for us.

Some further digging turned me on to We Have a Baby by Cathryn Falwell:

By the Book

This customer review says it all:

“This book is perfect. The toddler could be either a girl or a boy. The family’s race is not specific and this could well be a mixed-race family — what I’m getting at here, is that this could be anyone’s family. The baby is breastfed with the toddler cuddled in the mama’s arms, having a cookie. It’s all about the joy of loving and being loved by a new baby, and the toddler is included on every page, helping and being loved, beckoned, welcomed. Utterly beautiful and simple. The last page, after the text ends, shows toddler and baby cuddled together under a blanket, asleep.”

This is such a great book (the mom has short hair!) and Arlo identifies with the action or feeling on every single page.  And maybe now he thinks he’s going to get juice and a cookie every time Baby Sister breastfeeds but that’s okay by me.  I’ll happily stock up.


3 thoughts on “By the Book

  1. That’s surprising that the “I’m a Big…” books are of a baby being bottlefed. I’m glad you found a book with such lovely illustrations that show breastfeeding! :D


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