Cha Cha

Cha Cha

I have conveyed my affinity for getting my haircut in the past but the proof lies in today’s Before and After.  I can’t even comment on the fact my eyeshadow matches the salon’s walls.  (Am I killin’ it or what?  Srsly.)

It has been exactly been one month since my last cut and though I’d usually wait another week — though looking at that Before shot I may never wait that long again — I wanted to get fresh for the holidays and fresh is exactly how I feel.  For the past week I’ve been sans product, hats or scarves and just letting my hair fall cleanly.  And fall it has – over the tops of my ears, my collar and weaving into my eyebrows.  It looked okay but I’ve felt old and dusty and dated.  And who wants to just look “okay”?  Today I feel great and it is time to throw an appreciative shout-out to Gen at Madison’s Cha Cha for taking such good care of my locks as she does every month.

How can you go wrong when this babe is wielding the scissors?


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