Visible Monday: Return to the Olfactory


Things I have not worn since the birth of Arlo (who just turned three):

  • Earrings
  • Shirts that I cannot nurse in
  • High heeled shoes
  • Those pants that I’ll probably never fit into and should probably just donate
  • Perfume

Once I learned how my baby would be attuned to my own scent I stopped wearing perfume, scented lotions or hair products.  Cold turkey.  My husband and I had a nice tradition of shopping together for cologne and perfume before Arlo.  We would get the testers, step away from the counter, step back, smell the coffee beans to cleanse our olfactory sense and then test another.  The one or two we liked we would spray on our wrists and then leave the store, returning about 30 minutes later to smell how it settled on our skin.  Very romantic and grown-up.  Smelling coffee beans to cleanse our smell palates.  Fancy.

I’m not going to pretend this was a hardship.  It’s perfume.  I know some women who have stopped eating all dairy for the sake of their breastfeeding child.  But like the earrings and shoes, I have a short window to wear perfume again and I have embraced it by wearing Yves St. Laurent’s Baby Doll scent every day.  Why this scent?  Because the last house sitter we had in Bermuda left it in our bathroom and then immediately moved to New Zealand.  That’s right.  I’m using a stranger’s forgotten perfume and loving it.  Who’s fancy now?

Though technically not a Visible Monday post, scent does speak to style, to the whole package you put out there everyday.  Plus I’ve got nothing visible going on today because everything I own is packed for our holiday trip.  For more (and valid) Visible Monday goodness, visit Patti over at Not Dead Yet Style.  (*Update:  Then scroll down for older posts because Patti is taking a hard-earned break this week!*)


One thought on “Visible Monday: Return to the Olfactory

  1. Just a tiny point for contemplation; you do not necessarily have to give up on earrings with a baby if you’d rather not. I know this since the idea of doing so never occurred to me until someone mentioned it – “you are brave, wearing earrings with a baby” – when my first was a few months old. I always wear dangly ones. Maybe it’s because I wear glasses all the time, so I knew my kids would just have to learn not to grab stuff on/near my face. I have three kids, and they all breastfed (until self-weaning at 15 and 18 months, and the 3rd until mummy-led weaning at 27 months…) and were all held a great deal, and baby-worn, but I’ve never had any earring-related injuries. You just quickly hold their wrist if they grab your earring, so they can’t pull it, and then gently extricate whilst explaining they can’t do that. Kids learn pretty fast! (I have had toddlers grabbing my glasses in anger or over-excitement, however, but never irreparably!)


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