Church and State

Our trip to Detroit delayed by a massive winter storm, we took advantage of the extra time to see the State Capitol Christmas Tree and Train.

Church and State

Church and State

Church and State

Church and State

This sign in red caught my eye.  The sign next to it, whose font and color suggested it might have included directions to the restroom, I paid no attention to.

Church and State

I was surprised to see such a blatant religious declaration in the State Capitol building and remarked upon this to Kris who then told me to read the gold sign too.  As you can see above, even Arlo is taken aback.  Turns out the sign has been placed in the Capitol for the past 17 years by the Freedom From Religion Foundation and for the second year the group has placed a “natural nativity scene” which includes an astronaut, Thomas Jefferson and a baby girl, next to the Christian crèche.

Church and State.  Christian and Atheist.  Pastor and Pagan.  Exposing my child to both sides and expanding my own boundaries.

Viva Madison!


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