Visible Monday: Cut It Out

Cut It OutCut It Out

Bear with me as at 34 weeks pregnant I am prone to wardrobe repeats.  Feeling visible then not in my shirt that is not a maternity shirt nor in the jeans I said I can no longer wear but do, today it is all about my jewelry.

Check out those killer baubles.  Those earrings, another thoughtful and kick-ass gift from my SFFF (San Francisco Friend Forever) are a laser-cut of the San Francisco street grid.  Right?  Impossibly cool.

The cuff I have had for so long I have no memory of its origins but it coordinates beautifully.  Shiny trinkets make up nicely for okay-fine-I’ll-just-wear-this-same-shirt-again.

Runner-Up as title for this post was “Lady Like”:

34 Weeks

34 Weeks

Cut It Out

Don’t judge me. I’ve seen where your tongue goes.

For further Visibility, check out Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style.  Happy Monday out there!


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