Neck-Deep Complete

Neck Deep Complete

Before (Well, During really.)

Neck Deep Complete


During our three-day reprieve from frigidity last week, the snow melted off the tops of the twisted bush bottle border.  It dawned on me that I never followed up on Neck-Deep Phase I.  I just left you hanging!  You’re probably been dying to know if I ever finished.  How have you made it this long?

Back then I joked about it taking me until the first snowfall to finish.  It didn’t, but it did take me through autumn.  My biggest issue was inventory; I just couldn’t get enough wine and beer bottles despite Kris and our neighbors’ best drinking efforts. When I called the Madison Recycling Center to see if I could pick up a trunk full of empties, I was informed “Anyone caught scavenging from this site will be prosecuted.”  Ooookay then.  So I was forced to wait and chip away at the project a couple of bottles at a time.  I’m happy to report no major injuries (I hammered my own thumb once but nothing bled or broke) and I only shattered one bottle.

Neck Deep Complete

In the meantime we had the exterior redwood siding cleaned and stained (the After pic above was taken in between those two steps) and the painting refreshed (notice splotches on garage door).  After A Tree Fell in Madison, we also hired an Arborist to come and clear out any dangerous limbs and branches from the property.  Guess what we did with all those wood chips?

Neck Deep Complete

You betcha.  Fill.  I always planned on using a small river rock or the like, but this is much healthier for the soil and you know — FREE.

There was some fear that using the bottles would look kooky – like Ed Begley Jr. kooky – but since we only used green and brown and the border as a whole is so small in scale, I believe it whispers rather than screams “GREEN!”  Several people have slowly driven by, backed up and asked about it which makes me pretty happy.  God I love attention.

I’m really pleased overall, as is Kris, with the outcome of this Neck-Deep project.  We landscaped our front yard using what we had, putting in our own sweat equity and did it entirely for free.  Hurry up Spring!

We can never move.  Seriously.


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