Nursery Peek: Let There be Light and Flight

Here’s a story about a lamp.  A lamp that started out as a wedding present – our very first wedding present.

I had always wanted a natural alarm clock since spending the night at some random guy’s house who had one.  (I was on the couch alone if you must know.)  He raved about it and I was intrigued by its kinder and gentler method of waking.  It also had radio and white noise capabilities.  Very snazzy.

I used it for a short while and loved it.  Soon though I found myself in the midst of fertility hell and quit my job.  Neither rising nor shining were part of my new routine.  Kris is one of those I-just-tell-myself-when-I-need-to-be-awake-the-night before kind of people so we just continued to use the alarm clock as a bedside lamp.

This story is about to get better.

Let There Be Light

It made no sense to use such a fine instrument as merely a lamp but I held on to it when we moved to Bermuda.  Good thing too because with its white noise machine and incredible dimming range, it was perfect in Arlo’s nursery.

But it was plain.  White, matte, flat plain.

So I took the negative of the Wee Gallery wall decals (remember, the ones I re-used to make Modge Hodge Podge?) and using them as a stencil, painted the lamp shade to coordinate with the rest of the decor.

I can’t even pretend this wasn’t one of my most genius ideas ever.

Fast forward to new baby and new nursery but same lamp:

Let There be Light

I really wanted to use this pink silk fabric for the shade but it had fire hazard written all over it.  In addition, it was just too thin to cover the purple monkeys.  In fact, outside of painting the whole shade purple or black, nothing was going to cover those monkeys.  Maybe not so genius after all.  The shade had to go.  I had bought this purple circle dangly thing years ago and now knew its place.  I just needed a frame so it would sit over the light bulb.

This was painful but you do what you must to move forward.  Frame secured:

Let There Be Light

And voila, third time’s a charm for this old alarm clock:

Let There Be Light

I cannot believe I’ve just written a post about repurposing a lamp three times.

Wait there’s more – Let there be flight!

This is much simpler.  With a butterfly mobile on order from Etsy, I happened upon these stick-ups at Target today.  I like the 3D and mirror effects and thought they would be stimulating for Daughter to gaze upon as we changed her diaper 89 times a day.  Their shine also mirrors the silver ottoman I bought special for Arlo for all the helping he’s going to do.  Right?  Right.

Let There Be Flight Let There Be Flight

There you have it.  More peeks to come!


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