Red River Rally

So this happened today:

IMG_3489 - Version 2

I took this picture for my husband who I feel should stay abreast of my every bodily function since I’m nearly 36 weeks pregnant.  Ain’t he the lucky one?

I am quite taken aback by a nosebleed as the last one I remember I had in the fourth grade.  It was during Mass and it struck when the incense wafted by my pew.  I stemmed the flow with a missalette.  My father was not amused.

When driving to pick up Arlo I imagined myself suffering a brain aneurism and dying on the side of the road – the obvious conclusion to a nosebleed.  And I was okay with it.  I took comfort in that I had done everything I possibly could to give my son the best start in life and with a very healthy pregnancy reaching full term my daughter would be okay too.


Stressed much about this upcoming labor and birth?  Nahhhhh…….


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