Tug O’ War

All I’m doing these days is getting through to the next sleep or the next school day or the next episode of “At the Garbage Dump“.

Our waking hours together are 90% battle and 10% laughter.  Our interaction is almost exclusively me doling out consequences and Arlo tantrums.  It’s a horrible way to spend day after day after day.  I am sick again which isn’t helping but I also recognize my fuse is a lot shorter now at 36 weeks pregnant.  It’s clear Daughter is exerting her position, her need for my attention, as I am quickly running short of patience with Son.  He must also sense this and so is demanding more, more, more.

What a fun little tug o’ war with an extremely short rope.

I have to hold on to the 10% laughter.  The way Arlo will run his shining face up to me, open his arms as wide as they’ll go and demand “DO BELLY TO BELLY MOMMAAAA!”

Tug o' War

And with that I release my rope and let him win.


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