Nursery Peek: Art

Much to our delight, Arlo’s preschool sent this portrait home for the holidays:


Knowing a baby’s penchant for faces I really wanted to keep this treasure in Daughter’s room so I just stuck it on the wall with painter’s tape.

While recently browsing Goodwill for more pants (hello potty training!) I picked up these two professionally framed pieces for $1.99 each.  The frames are steel and have a fun iridescent purple sheen.  It pained me to take apart the seriously constructed frame, but you can do anything with a screwdriver and will.

Nursery Peek ArtNursery Peek ArtNursery Peek Art

I hung this portrait right above the stuffed chair where I suspect we will spend a lot of time nursing.  I hope Daughter likes gazing upon her brother’s features while all those love hormones pass through her tiny body.  My effort to initiate a healthy sibling bond I guess.  Now whose picture will go in the second frame?  Will have to think on that.  (For the record, I have no personal connection to the flower canvas above the chair.  I bought it for Arlo because of its bold colors and graphic, its dull edges and the $5 price tag.  I hung it near his floor in his nursery so he could touch it if he was so moved.  It works in her room too so I’m sticking with it.)

Nursery Peek Art

And OF COURSE I had to have a wall decal in here:

Nursery Peek Art

I was pretty thrilled to find a peacock that wasn’t turquoise, let alone one that was pink!  Marries well with the wallpaper and hopefully provides just enough contrast for a little one’s eyes and brain function.  I’ve had the mirror forever.  Got to have a mirror at floor-level for babies.  It is heavy as hell though so I’ve anchored it to the wall.  Blerg! to big screws in the middle of a wall but Yay! to safety.

And finally, the piece de resistance:

Nursery Peek Art

Nursery Peek:  Art

The woman in the center of this photo is my husband’s paternal grandmother, my daughter’s great-grandmother.  The women on either side of her are her sisters.  This photo was taken  probably 20 years ago at their home in Calcutta. They have all since passed away.

Kris’ grandmother got married and had six children, my father-in-law is the eldest.  Her two sisters never married; instead they spent their adult lives taking care of the man who raised them after their own father passed, their uncle.  It is a family history rooted in sacrifice and tradition but that’s not why I chose to have this photo enlarged and framed and hung over Daughter’s crib.  I did those things because of the sisters’ hands.

To have the smallest, slightest gesture of affection between these women, who have lived a life unimaginable, captured and now radiating down upon my own child, their great-granddaughter, also once unimaginable, is a truly a masterpiece.


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