Snips and Snails and PUPPS Tales

Kris did the preschool run today for which I am so grateful. Sleep eludes me what with my third sinus infection, aching hips (I know you’re just doing your job Relaxin but still . . .) and heartburn. I was glad to stay in bed for a little while and partake in some literal navel gazing.

Turns out it wasn’t just my vanity that led me to finally shoot those belly pics on Friday. Who would know that just 36 hours later I would develop PUPPS and now my navel (and belly) look like this:


IMG_7522 - Version 2

Even I look at these and cringe. Sorry about the bra but I cannot stand to wear a shirt. Or a bra. This rash spreads all over my breasts, chest, neck and into my hairline. It is also on the insides of my arms.

Here are commonalities between PUPPS sufferers:

  • Women carrying boys (70% of sufferers deliver boys)

Ha Ha. Will the joke be on us?

  • First pregnancy


  • Carrying multiples (twins, triplets, etc.)


  • Hypertension

No. I enjoy unusually low blood pressure. It was 94/54 on Tuesday.

PUPPS stands for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy and it happens only in pregnancy and only in 1 out of every 200 pregnancies. It will just go away after the baby is born. In between crying jags I try to remember that I am really lucky that it didn’t manifest until 37 weeks. I immediately went to my doctor and got an ointment so when it becomes intolerable I will be prepared.

I’m also using PUPPS to my advantage. There’s a reason why most women only have this in their first pregnancy and that is because the loving, adoring, affectionate arms of your other child now sting like a m*therfucker. To take it a step further, while breastfeeding Arlo has become painful, it is now unthinkable. So this morning while holding him close I told him that “The pink bumps hurt Momma. Milk needs to be all done because I don’t want Arlo to get the pink bumps. Then pink bumps would hurt Arlo.” Total lie. PUPPS is not contagious. But now I have this visual, tactile barrier and damnit, I’m going to use it. I don’t expect anything would stop Arlo from breastfeeding but I’m going to try. I’m really, really ready.

I’m also really, really ready to go back to bed.


8 thoughts on “Snips and Snails and PUPPS Tales

  1. Bummer…looks very uncomfortable. I hope it clears for you soon…at least you are so close to the due date. What if there are twins??? A little boy child shyly hiding behind his sister all this time. ; )


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  5. The pics reminded me in the same scenario almost 3 years back. I had it only during my second pregnancy but started early in the beginning of second trimester…I still remember what I went through emotionally and physically…but after seeing my little baby boy..Ahaaa……all is well!!!!!

    Abstain from any kind of heat…( heat from sun or from spices of any kind) which would increase your body heat. That is all I can say….


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