Put On Some Lipstick

_MG_7546 - Version 2Silence is not golden when you’re more than 38 weeks pregnant.

No baby.  Just nesting and fighting and recovering.  Worrying.  Panicking.  Eating.

Our neighbors were kind enough to do a dry run with Arlo last night, playing and giving him dinner and even putting him to bed – with great success!  The only person who ever put him down for the night was my Mother-In-Law and that was once when she visited last summer.  This should not be construed as a badge of parental pride; just when we felt he (and we) were ready, we moved.  Just the same though, what’s better than bedtime?  Stories and giggles and cuddles and LYING STILL.  Who wants to miss that?

Anyway, Kris took charge of our evening’s activities so that meant dinner at L’Etoile.  Given the breadth and depth of my physical person, my distaste for clothing and inability to remain in the same position for more than 20 minutes, I was not looking forward to the evening.  I also simply cannot eat that much anymore.

But then there’s the other man in my life, the one whom I’d never let anyone else put to bed.  The one who has put my needs first.  The man who wanted to enjoy a lovely night out eating beautiful, refined cuisine.

So I did it.


And I liked it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Put On Some Lipstick

  1. Wow can’t believe you are 38 weeks already…..will be dying to hear the news of the arrival of your little princess! Thinking of you! Sxx


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