Shrimp Taste

I have been off shrimp since adding one as a pet to Arlo’s aquarium.

_MG_7557 - Version 2

We actually added two shrimp but one died within eight days (our fault, poor chap).  A larger specimen than his robust friend above, when I flushed it I was taken aback by how it looked and felt like EVERY OTHER SHRIMP I HAVE STUFFED IN MY MOUTH, CHEWED AND SWALLOWED.  This one I flush down the toilet but others I eat?


And now watching the surviving shrimp scampi scamper around the bottom of the tank, thriving on algae and rotting fish food and who-knows-what-else, well, I’ve definitely lost my appetite as it satifies its own.  Go on with your lives, Shrimp of the World!  You have nothing to fear from me any longer.  Bottom-feeding aside, the shrimp has been a solid addition to the aquarium.  It is very interesting to observe its movements and behavior day-to-day which differ so greatly from the fish’s.  I like having it in our home, just not in our kitchen.

_MG_7552 - Version 2


6 thoughts on “Shrimp Taste

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