Visible Monday: 40 Weeks

40 Weeks IMG_3619 - Version 2

This post is less about style and more about my cartoon profile.  The t-shirt is Old Navy, non-maternity and the closest thing I could reach without having to bend over.  The yoga pants are H&M maternity and I never take them off because I would have to bend over.  A perfect outfit for preschool drop-off and a run to Target for my 19th bottle of antacid and value pack of Hershey bars.  At least my hair is cut, my face is clean and my teeth are brushed.  Or are they?

Yes, that is a painting of a vagina across from my own.

Speaking of vagina, Arlo has gotten it somewhere in his head that the baby is going to come out of Momma’s tuckus.  We have always used the word tuckus for butt, I don’t know why.  I believe Kris made the introduction and we’ve been running with it ever since.  Anyway, maybe it’s his recent transition to potty training that created the association; he knows that when his belly hurts a poo is coming and since I have an enormous belly full of baby, that’s how she’ll get out as well.  I’ll say “Baby sister is coming very soon!” and he’ll respond with “Momma, Momma, baby sister will come




your belly and come out of your tuckus!”  Hand gestures and all.  It is hilarious but we do take the opportunity to talk about the difference between boys and girls and penis and vagina, not to mention poo and baby.  And because he loves his Momma, Arlo insists that he too has a vagina, or “PACHINA!!!” as he calls it, with great enthusiasm.  From the mouths of babes.  I used to think that a woman would vomit a baby out because that’s what happened to anything no longer comfortable in my own belly.  Made perfect sense at the time but then I googled it.

This baby is coming and I suspect I won’t make it until next week’s Visible Monday.  Or if I do I’ll just be dressed in a bed sheet and tears.  Though not very fashion-y, I want to link to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style as a thank you for providing a fun forum for the past 4o weeks.  Thanks Patti for your Visible Mondays!

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5 thoughts on “Visible Monday: 40 Weeks

  1. I just went through the slide show…you have got to be the happiest looking pregnant woman ever. Just glowing in every shot–some more than others ; ) and of course we are missing the PUPPs shot.


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