Nursery Peek: Flourishes

Starting from the ground up, here’s a shaggy throw rug in the room’s doorway.  I have no fewer than four throw rugs in the house that cannot be vacuumed.  Why do I keep buying these?  Texture.  It sits atop a simple, grey, low-pile carpet that our neighbors were throwing away.  The remnant spans nearly the entire room for wall-to-wall warmth and sound-proofing.


If I had my druthers I would install super-lux carpeting in every bedroom, especially in this house where the sleeping areas are all upstairs and it is winter six months of every year.  And nothing says “Relax…sleep….” then stepping across cushions on your way to bed.  After many moves however, resale often trumps desire and people want hardwood flooring.

Remnants, even at the local hardware store, are cheap as hell. I’ve spied several pieces that would fit in our bedroom and where the edges were unfinished, would hide nicely under the bed.  Perhaps before next winter . . .

Indian Barbie has been placed upon her pedestal (boy does this suddenly sound like a bad idea), bindi, gold slippers and other shiny accessories front and center. I picked her up at Goodwill many months ago. Even “born” in 1995 I doubt she’s a real collector’s item but I like this little nod to our own doll’s heritage.


This bird in a top hat and hot pink peacock feathers:


She’s fancy.

An Etsy splurge:


I am a sucker for high contrast mobiles over a crib and I think this ombre butterfly piece is gorgeous.  However I hung it over the mirror instead of the crib because I’m terrified it will catch on fire.  As the only switched lighting in the room I decided to keep the heinous track light and just had it turned vertical.  Since burning the crib though, I have visions of Arlo leaving the light switch on during the day and her whole room going up in flames.  Need to find a safe way to get it up there but for now she can stare it from the floor.

Finally, the “guest” space.  Pardon the lighting, the room is purposely dark (there are purple velvet curtains covering the two windows across from the crib) for sleep and slumber.  This nook holds a double bed and table comfortably.  This is where Kris and I will sleep when guests come and guests will get our master suite.  Good deal, eh?  This is what we did in Bermuda with Arlo’s room.  Though baby will bed-share with us for at least six months, we found we spent a lot of time in that bed in Arlo’s room.  A lot.  It was also easy to transition Arlo to a full size bed because he basically lived with one his whole baby life.  That’s the plan anyway.  This set-up also allows us to keep our office which we like very much and if need be (another baby, an ailing parent), we can convert it to a bedroom if the time comes.Flourishes

This big ol’ coral wall will hold the belly cast once I get it sanded and finished.  Not sure what else, if anything else will be hung. The windows provide backdrop enough I think.

And that’s really it!  This post is less Peek, more Reveal but I don’t have a wide-angle lens to capture the whole shebang.  Thanks for looking in with me.

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