Five Gallon Bucket

I caved and bought a five gallon bucket from Home Depot the other day.  I am not a fan of buying things that hold things when anything can serve that function:  salad bowls, large Tupperware, stock pot.  Kris has been cleaning the aquarium using the stock pot as a matter of fact, but even I could see it was adding to an already burdensome chore.  So when he asked for a bucket I hardly gave him any crap about it.  Hardly.

Have you looked at your five-gallon bucket lately?  This is a warning printed on the side:

IMG_3577 - Version 2

This stopped me dead in my tracks.

How I am supposed to remember how to protect anyone younger than Arlo?  There’s so much new input to caring for him that everything old has been deleted from my memory.  Isn’t that parenthood?

This warning reminded me of the time I walked out of the room with Arlo already in the bathtub.  He was just over two years old.  I forgot something, dashed to get it and upon return, DIDN’T SEE HIM OVER THE TUB’S EDGE.   Convinced he had drowned, I rushed over and instead discovered this:


Cute, right?  Holy Moses though, what a scare.  Of course at two years old the child would be fine in a bathtub but that’s something I didn’t need tested.

How will I remember that an infant cannot be left alone in a bathtub?  Or anywhere for that matter?  How will I not take the same liberties with my baby that I take with my three-year-old?  Having a new baby is suddenly quite terrifying.


4 thoughts on “Five Gallon Bucket

  1. Trust me when I say you are much more relaxed with your second then you are with your first. Between my first and second I held an infant once only because I was scared. The one time I did I nearly launched the poor infant into space because I’d been lifting a 2 year old for so long I’d forgotten how light they were. Elliot is alive and well, happy, independent and really, really good on the stairs.
    You have been amazing with Arlo and there is no doubt in my mind you will be with your little girl too!


  2. Yes, you’ll be great. I did struggle with the mom guilt with Sadie though and had a little bit of baby blues, but not anything like post partum depression. I was sure she’d think we were replacing her which is totally crazy talk and I cried at the drop of a hat for about 4 days shortly after Elliot was born. I am proud to say though that he was a real expert at tummy time because I was often leaving him on the floor to deal with one thing or another with Sadie. He could tummy time it through an entire half hour dance class by the time he was 4 months old and he was up the stairs by six months. We put so much more pressure on ourselves, but it is only because we care and love them so much.


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