Visible Monday: Scale



I spent years and years not weighing myself.  Whenever I went to the doctors and they insisted I get on the scale for their own records, I did so but asked they refrain from announcing the number.  I just went with the idea that if my clothes fit, I’m doing all right.  I would not recommend this as a weight loss strategy.

Then Oprah said something about owning your number instead of it owning you and a bell went off.  Ignorance was not bliss, it was just fear when it came to my body.  I held my breath, got back on the scale and have owned it ever since. (Oprah 2016!)

I gained 30 lbs this pregnancy.  Nine days postpartum I am feeling fantastic and am curious about my body.  Curious mind you — not stressed, not worried, not concerned.  I feel too good for any of that crap.  With Arlo I was terrified about losing “the weight”.  All you hear/read about is how it never comes off, kids ruin your body, etc.  I really thought I was screwed.  Twelve days postpartum with Arlo and I had lost 24 of my 29 lbs (for the record I never lost that final five).  I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head when seeing that number.  I could get back to my life and my baby, carefree.  About my weight at least.

So this morning, nine days after Farrah’s birth, I woke up starving and feeling quite empty and flat so I decided to weigh myself.  Curious.  With experience under my tightening belt I was not surprised to see I have lost 21 of 30 lbs.  I do want to lose the remaining nine pounds because I know the limit of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe – which I like very much and worked hard to obtain – and it doesn’t have nine pounds to spare.  But all in good time.  I’ll be holding on to the fat for my exclusively breastfed infant for a little while then tap in to my reserves, which, because I never stopped breastfeeding my first child, are plenty.

Meanwhile, I eat, eat, eat and nurse, nurse, nurse and curiosity satisfied, get on with my life and baby, carefree.

40 Weeks



6 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Scale

  1. Man! Good for you…that is amazing that you lose the weight so fast. I would love to have that type of metabolism (currently looking around the house for something to nurse…).


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