It took a small village to help birth our child and while some members’ roles are obvious – the Midwife and Doula – our neighbors and friends, Steph, Seth, Nida and Nola deserve the shoutiest of shout-outs.

For this:


which was hung outside our front door as a surprise and which will hang in Farrah’s room for as long as the paper will last.

And for these:


IMG_3677 IMG_3675

A week later and these still make me cry.  Knowing and accepting my separation anxiety, Steph and Seth gave me regular updates of my happy, happy child while I was in labor.  In my darkest moment, these saved me.

Not to mention the meals, the gifts and joining in of celebrating Farrah’s arrival, the newest of neighbors.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I had a dream not too long ago that we got a ridiculous offer on the house, nearly double what we paid a year ago, and we turned it downed because it meant leaving our neighbors.  Bloom where you are planted.


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