Skin Thimbles

Skin Thimbles

Hey you!  Yeah, YOU.  What’s going on here?

My newborn daughter just breastfed and then I offered my three-year-old son the other breast to relieve engorgement.

I thought you wanted him to wean?

Have your breasts ever felt like they were shoved inside SKIN THIMBLES?  Damnit!  I’m doing the best I can.  Two steps forward, one step back.  Yes, I may be using him for my physical gain/comfort, but he still gets access to his beloved breasts and aren’t I just the best, most loving, giving, nurturing mother in the whole wide world?

Only now that he can smell my neediness from across the room he more often than not refuses to have a drink.  Refuses!  To breastfeed!  And just like *that* my little boy grows up and leaves me with cups running over.


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