The Snotsucker

Much in same way I see a Midwife for pregnancy and birth, we as a family see a Family Practitioner for general medical care.  We started doing this when Arlo was born, when we lived in Bermuda.  (There is a wind chill of negative 1 today.  Did we really ever live in Bermuda?)  The only downfall to this model of care was that our doctor could not administer vaccinations so every few months we found ourselves at the Government’s Health Clinic.

During one such visit, while in the waiting area, I overheard a man say to a mother with a sick child, “A real mother would put her mouth over her baby’s nose and suck the snot right out!  That’s a real mother right there.”  I assumed this man was at the clinic himself for erectile dysfunction and was just lashing out.  Whatever the case, ewww.  I mean I would totally do that in an emergency but for a cold?

Fast forward to this past weekend when my two-week old baby turned into Gollum.  My exclusively breastfed, barely-left-the-house two-week-old is sick whilst the rest of us are happy and well.  *shakes fist at preschool while simultaneously blowing kisses at preschool (it’s a complicated relationship)*  Concerned not only about her breathing but breastfeeding as well, I called my Midwife who turned me on to the NoseFrida, aka The Snotsucker:

The Snotsucker

The tip of that blue tube goes in the nostril while you suck on the red thing.  I am sucking her snot out with my mouth.  I am a real mother.  That lunatic would be so proud.

All kidding aside, this thing is GENIUS.  I never had success with a bulb syringe but this baby works like a charm.  And fear not!  Not only is there a long tube separating your mouth from the snot, there’s a “filter” that would catch anything before it could become your midnight snack.  Hopefully your child’s nose will remain snot-free but if preparedness is your thing, put this on your Baby Registry.  Amazon.

I would like to thank Kris for recommending this post.  He too is impressed with the Nose Frida but he ain’t usin’ it.  Uh unh.  He does rinse it out at 4am though which is nice.  Teamwork, people.


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