When living in New York about eight years ago, Kris surprised me with a gift from Amazon.  It was winter and I was thinking cashmere sweater, but what emerged from the box was this:


I rolled my eyes and probably said something like, “Great.  Not even married and you’re already buying me kitchen gear,” because I am the best.

Turns out it was one of his most genius gifts ever.  I love sparkling water and because I was constantly hung over in NYC, we bought a lot of bottled water.  A lot.  So Kris donned his environmental thinking cap one day and we’ve been making our own sparkling water ever since.  And because of the aforementioned me-being-the-best, Kris has been making sparkling water ever since because I am terrified of the gadget and the CO2 cartridges employed in its use.  Fear aside, on top of having pure, cold bubbly water on demand, I also think the bottle and cartridges are sexy.  And I’ve decided to start using the word sexy more often since a friend recently described our kitchen as sexy:


At least I think she was talking about the kitchen.

This post is about Vinegar, right?  This is your brain on newborn.

During an open moment in his recent parental leave, Kris checked out a speciality store here in Madison called Vom Fass.  They sell fancy vinegars, oils and scotch.  That’s it.  Can you see my exaggerated eye roll on your screen?  I’ve never been inside Vom Fass.

Happy and with his curiosity satisfied, Kris came home with this Waldburg Balsam Calamansi Vinegar


and told me to add some to my sparkling water.  Vinegar in water.  Whaaaat?  So I did.

And now I am hooked.  So clean.  So bright.  So interesting.  Just like my husband after a shower.

(Calamansi is a ctirus fruit from the Phillipines ((now I can see your dramatic eye roll on my screen)) and this person is a connois”sour” if you’re interested  Connoissour.  Forget what I wrote earlier. I AM the best.)

Expanding horizons, culinary and otherwise.  Marriage win!


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