International Safety


I found Arlo’s bedrail on the Bermuda version of Craiglist.  When I arrived at the address to purchase and pick up, the seller turned out to be someone I knew.  Bermuda is a small island but it was still a nice surprise.

Ann’s eldest son spoke to me in Dinosaur while she and I caught up on motherhood, breastfeeding (she is a La Leche League Leader) and her family’s upcoming move to South Africa, her husband’s home.  We keep in touch now via Facebook.  A Dane, she is teaching her sons her language, running marathons, master-baking and basically killing it as a modern-day woman.  When I make Arlo’s bed I always think of Ann and her boys and marvel at their other-side-of-the-world-ness.

Today I removed Arlo’s bedrail however, permanent-like.  Today marks a milestone.  The helicopter parent in me would keep it on forever but the rational parent (Kris) knows it is time to let our guard down.

This is the bedrail that protected my Danish and South African friends’ sons in Bermuda.

The bedrail that protected my Indian American son in Bermuda and Wisconsin.

The bedrail that will someday protect my daughter, somewhere.

It takes a global village to raise a child and ours keeps getting wider and deeper and stronger.

Pass it on.


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