Loud and Meowed

_MG_8117I might complain about never getting a shower or actual food or how godforsaken tired I am but nobody has it worse in this house than the cats.

My energy is tapped out but since both Grey and Black are screamers I can’t just ignore them, I have to shoo, hiss, push and stomp at them 24/7.  They are so loud it just pisses me off.  There is enough crying and wailing and screaming in this house right now thankyouverymuch. And I know you know what a sleeping baby looks like so STEP OFF.  If I had to take them to the vet right now I would call them a cab.  It is awful but in this family’s current totem pole of needs, the cats are near the bottom – below all other life forms and just above eyebrow plucking.

Feeling guilty I put one of our velvet cushions on the bedroom shelf for Black.  If there’s one thing I know, luxury trumps affection.  Certainly more so than kibble and tap water.



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