White Noise

Hey!  What have you been listening to lately?  Here’s what’s on my rotation:

White Noise

There is only one sound which grates on the nerves more than 12 Hours of White Noise and that sound is a newborn’s cry.  Thank you Evolution for making sure I never forget her in the cave.  POINT TAKEN.

In addition to the vacuum, stick blender and electric toothbrush, I have also employed the hair dryer.  Since it is still very much winter around here the extra heat felt nice but seemed wasteful.  Cue internet, a google search and a symphony of static.  Speaking of googling – what exactly is white noise for babies?

White Noise

A gimmick.

Steph, neighbor and fellow mother-of-two, recently shared how the second child can make you humble.  So true.  Arlo used my breasts for sleep.  He used them for everything but most definitely he used them for sleep.  While it was exhausting for me, it was simple and I thought, universal.  This second child will not be lulled by something so . . . quiet.  What worked for one is not working for the other, hence the humility.  I need a whole new arsenal for a whole new parenting experience and it looks like it’s going to include ear plugs.


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