In the never-ending battle of purging relics from my home, I seem to be losing when it comes to pens.  PENS.  We will never, ever use all these pens.  Does anyone need them for an art project?

Holy crap, is that a calculator in that drawer?

The other day I bought stamps.  Postage stamps.  God help me I had to.  Expect a (typed) letter soon so I can get the rest of them out of my house.

I read somewhere that Arlo’s generation will never have to learn how to use a keyboard let alone a pen, because everything they create will be via touch-screen or voice.

“It is becoming increasingly rare to even have to sign your name. By 2016, nearly half of all home loans could be closed electronically, meaning that thousands of people will buy homes without having to physically sign their names, according to a recent survey by Xerox Mortgage Services.” –  More from the Wall Street Journal

A day’s nutrition in a capsule.

A thought captured by voice.

A whim realized via telekinesis.

I am ready for the future.


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