Portrait of a Preschooler

Portrait of a Preschooler

“Arlo” by Kelly Blondin

This portrait of Arlo was drawn by one of his Preschool of the Arts teachers, Kelly Blondin, and given to me a few months ago.  Yesterday Farrah and I went to Goodwill to hunt frames for a few projects and I bought this

Portrait of a Preschooler

which held a signed print from Brian Andres from Story People.


Sweet sentiment by a respected artist but not as meaningful as a portrait of my son, so out it came (but saved and given to Kelly — full circle!) and in went Portrait of a Preschooler.


In the humble and quiet manner in which this portrait was handed to me, I wonder if Kelly thought her drawing more than a morning’s doodle.  Could she have known that by honoring my child with her hand and heart, she’d actually created a family’s masterpiece?


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