Shark Whale

Another “oh-anyone-could-paint-that!” piece of modern art?

Shark Whale

No, Dear Readers.  This is Shark Whale.

Shark Whale

And this is how he came to be:

“Here are some photos of Arlo painting early this morning. He named the
painting as “Shark Whale” (without any teacher prompting or questions
about his work). He went on to describe how the shark whale zig~zags
across the top of the water as he painted. He said, “The shark whale
goes up and down, up…down…up…down…swimming. It goes up really
fast to drink water, then down to swim. The shark whale likes to swim
all around. It’s not very scary.”” – Email from Kelly, one of Arlo’s
preschool teachers.

Shark Whale Shark Whale

So the not-very-scary Shark Whale (including the note and pics so we’d always know its adorable origins), got framed* and hung – where else? – next to Arlo’s fish tank.

Shark Whale

Preschool, why do you have to be so awesome?

*Compelled to add this footnote about the frame which was not found at Goodwill but at the Greenwich, Connecticut dump several years ago.  Possibly illegal my scavenging, but it was just leaning there against the dumpster, still in its wrapping.  Who am I to pass over the folly of the rich?


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