Visible Monday: Provisions

With my equal half traveling all week I was left to my own devices in the kitchen.  That means keeping it as empty as possible.  I eat the same thing for the same meal until it runs out.  What I lack in culinary diversity I more than make up for in shades of eyeshadow.


That is a beautiful countertop.  My commitment to ruby red grapefruit is displayed proudly. I bought a bag of twelve!  And just who am I kidding with that lone apple?  Is an apple a grapefruit?  No.  It will probably and embarrassingly be left there to rot.

Like the counter, the fridge was equally bleak bright and shiny.
Top: Fresh Herb keepers. Ha ha.  Fresh herbs.
Middle: Milk and juice for Arlo. 1/2 &1/2 for me.
Bottom: The chocolate I expect to consume with reckless abandon or from which I will completely abstain.


Eggs for breakfast. Back-up grapefruit. Back-up sparkling water.  Condiments.  Everything else for Arlo.

The freezer contains coffee beans and several bags of edamame, my favorite lunch next to graham crackers, natch.

The pantry area looks pretty normal.  Snacks and applesauce for Arlo but also grains and pastas I have neither the energy, time nor interest in cooking.  The empty containers held almonds and pistachios which is what I ate between meals and sometimes as meals.  Now I don’t what I’m going to eat.  Batteries I guess.


Kris came home so we are fully stocked again and life returns to normal.  But with these kind of provisions and me off graham crackers, Hershey bars or basically any breads or starches, the weight keeps coming off.  Meals are only a means to an end these days.  I robotically cook my eggs and section my grapefruit every morning.  I don’t think of eggs as food, only necessary protein.  Grapefruit = vitamins.  Edamame = more protein.  Coffee is the only pleasure my taste buds and belly receive due to the 1/2 & 1/2 and sugar I add.  I am now at a point where coffee is a treat.  Good Lord.  Who am I?  Well, it looks like I’m gonna be the Lady Who Fits In All Her Clothes and possibly She Who Will Tolerate The Summer Heat More Easily.  And it’s all good.

Time to get Visible.  Don’t think you can see much change in a 9 lb loss but these photos are the perfect snapshot my life right now:

Visible Monday: Provisions

Dirty mirror, pajama bottoms, nursing tank top, 9 week old haircut, velcro 3-year-old, exercise ball and slurpy baby.

Visibile Monday: Provisions

She sleeps!  Yahoo!


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