Naked and Famous

There’s a bit of absurdity in hanging Portrait of a Preschooler under Spencer Tunick’s nude(s):


Not just because it is a photo of naked bodies (close-up below) but because I could have been one of his models.

SPENCER TUNICK-gw 1000 person photo

In August 1997, Tunick photographed a large group of nudes at The Great Went, a festival hosted by Phish in Limestone, Maine.

In the summer of 1996 I was living in New York City and going to lots of parties.  My friend Patty had a high level job at a top advertising firm with a lot of perks.  Coupled with her charms and wiles, she could get us inside any door in the city.

Here we are at some after-hours party in some loft in some downtown neighborhood:


Notice Patty’s charm and wiles.  Notice my dead-eyed stare but incredible skin.  I always wanted to be a Goth but then I moved to Bermuda.

The summer of 1996.  Polaroids were hot and krispy kremes were served on platters by leather-clad S&M club kids at every party.  The Internet Boom.  Infused vodkas.  Smoking indoors.  An unfortunate navel piercing.  Outside of documenting THAT SKIN, this Polaroid also documents the night I met the then relatively unknown Spencer Tunick.  He was cruising the party looking for models for a shoot that morning.  Because what he did was illegal, he shot at 4am and quickly.  I remember taking his card, listening intently, getting really excited about being a part of a subversive and scandalous scene, and then forgetting all about it by the time I stumbled home.


I’d like to think this was the shot I missed, but who knows:


With HBO documentaries and installations all over the world now, Spencer Tunick is a big deal.  I don’t have many regrets but not dragging my lilly white ass back downtown that morning is certainly one of them.  Instead I bought a print and had it framed.  Maybe it’s time for another purchase.  Either way you can bet I signed up here in the off-chance I get a second chance.  Portrait of a Mother.


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