In a Baby Carriage

“Some people were throwing these away!  They were just sitting out on the curb!”

Isn’t that beginning of every Hoarders episode?

Do I need a 40-year-old stroller and buggy?  No.  Would Arlo and the neighborhood kids like to play with them?  YES!

I am not a retro/antique junky but even I couldn’t deny the charms of these two throw-aways.  I did some light research to see if they could be cleaned up and sold on ebay or something and long story short, they cannot.  I believe the term “garage sale fodder” was used.  I do wonder, thinking about Sarah over at Purple Circle Photography, if they could be used as photography props.  That mattress is to die for!

In any case, we’ll hold on to them for dolls and soccer balls and possibly a neighborhood cat.  Or until the kids tire of them.  Or until we get a second car.  Or until the urge to purge takes over.

Pass it on!


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