The Worst Things I Saw All Week

A triple header!

From Pinterest:

The Worst Things I Saw All Week

I didn’t click on the link because I doubt there’s an entire web page devoted to the word “None.”

From a Madison sidewalk:

The Worst Things I Saw All Week

Jesus.  Where to even begin?

Finally, from the Survivor Finale (no spoilers!):

If you haven’t watched this last season, here’s what went down between Brenda and Dawn:

Dawn loses her bottom teeth retainer in the water.  Desperate and fearing utter humiliation appearing toothless on tv, she asks her friend Brenda to dive under and look for it.  Brenda finds it.  Dawn is relieved and pledges her allegiance and loyalty to Brenda.

Days later, Dawn blindsided Brenda and with the other tribe mates, votes her off.

The video above is from the final Tribal Council when Brenda exacts some revenge.

I just watched this last night (as opposed to when it aired live Sunday).  I’m sure there are lots of reactions on the blogosphere and twitterverse but I’ve not read anything yet.  I can only say that what Brenda did to Dawn was by far The Worst Thing I’ve Seen All Week.  Ugly, ugly, ugly.

May kindness find you this weekend Good People!


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