Root Canal

I’m just one good root canal from my goal weight.

Root Canal

(From my favorite line in “The Devil Wears Prada”, around 1:30 here.)

After nearly a year of living with a broken then missing crown on my bottom left molar, I finally got that stump cleaned and a temporary crown cemented on top.  I lost 2 lbs that day from not being able to eat anything until dinner.  Silver filling lining.

Towards the end of my pregnancy and beginning of breastfeeding (until I could see the dentist), I stopped eating on that side of my mouth.  The damage was already done though, my poor tooth had been exposed too long.  After two shots of Novocain and waiting 30 minutes, I hit the ceiling when the drilling started.  An “accessory nerve” my dentist said as he proceeded to inject another needle.  Still not numb.  Nothing more could be done so he worked quickly while I FREAKED OUT and dug my nails into the heels of my hands.  You can bet I kept reminding myself of one thing:  You gave birth.  You will survive this pain.

After the procedure, my dentist recommended a root canal before the permanent crown goes on, to get rid of that accessory nerve.  Now, I had a root canal about 15 years ago and the experience was worse than a root canal.  Ba dum tss.

He then gave me an out: the nerve might, against all odds, heal.  It has been a week and I feel fine.  I’ve even tested the tooth by crunching my daily ration of raw almonds on that side.  When speaking to the clinic this morning, I told the Receptionist this, feeling so proud of my efforts.  She told me to stop that nonsense immediately as the temporary crown was made of plastic fercrissakesyouidiot, and just get back in for the permanent crown.  She also said that if I wasn’t in any pain after a week, I was in good shape.  If something was wrong, my tooth would be throbbing continuously and it would have started days ago.

So that pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Dentist = root canal
Receptionist = no root canal

I’m going with Receptionist.


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