Today I saw a friend’s photos of Miami and was reminded of the happy time Kris and I spent there a few years ago.  My very next thought was “I hope I have a long and healthy life with Kris.”

It was not about Arlo.

It was not about Farrah.

I thought, if only for a moment, solely about my husband and how excited I am about our future.  I recognized that my children will not be with me forever, not in the way that my husband will be, and not only was it okay (natural) but it was exciting.  I did not expect this of myself, that my heart and mind could be capable of such a thought, but there it was.

Happy (Belated) Anniversary Kris.  Sometimes, sometimes, it is all about you.

It happened one night . . .

May 12, 2001, The Night It All Began (with Chris and Todd)

(I could have waited and told you this story in person but then what would I have blogged about today?)


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