Hurricane Relief

It took me a year and half but I finally unpacked our Bermuda hurricane evacuation bag.Hurricane Relief

First aid, diapers, baby carrier, water containers, underwear, CHOCOLATE, almond butter, tuna, rain gear, deck of cards, toothbrush, batteries, toys and documents – all in a backpack in case we’d be wading through high tide.

Well, nothing takes me a year and half, it’s just that I thought having an emergency bag here in Madison made sense so I kept it around.  After this winter though, it dawned on me that if there was a mega-blizzard we’d be trapped in the house.  In the event of a fire, we’d grab the kids and computer and run to someone else’s house.  I could no longer envision a disaster from which we’d need to flee, having no immediate destination at which to arrive.

That is so unlike me.

What this means now is that I will come up with a new emergency plan with Kris (“You grab the big one, I’ll get the small one.”), update our documents, ensure our copies are current with our family in NJ and stick some chocolate and almond butter in the glove compartment.

What could go wrong?

Arlo has recently shifted his driving attention from traffic lights to street names.

“What road is this?”
“Rosa Road.”
“OH!  ROHHHHsa Road?”
“Yes Rosa Road.”
“Why is that Rosa Road?  Why?  Why Momma?  Why is that Rosa Road?”
*bang forehead on steering wheel*
Repeat until we’re out of the car.

What’s great about this new interest is that Arlo now knows where he lives.  He knows our street name!  And while he can be a bit timid when asked a direct question, he could tell you.  Or the authorities.  What a comfort to his emergency-evacuation-bag-packing mother.  It’s like when you read about that 3-year-old who saved his grandmother’s life by dialing 911.  My child knows where he lives!

Next step, memorizing his social security number.  It can’t all be Thomas the Tank Engine around here.  Ever vigilant!


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