Mistakes I’ve Made in My Bathroom

Mistakes I've Made In The Bathroom

This is my half bathroom. This is my half bathroom on Dia De Los Muertos.

About a hundred years ago I traveled to Mexico and Guatemala with my friend Ellen.  There are many things I remember about that trip and I’ll save most of them for another day, but what really stuck to me was the art of Oaxaca and its neighboring regions.  Hence, THAT there.

You’d think finding a soap dispenser would be a no brainer but alas . . .  I have children.

*This is a post about soap and hand towels, things I take very seriously.*

I bought this used vase years ago.  Children love it because the soap just keeps coming and coming and coming!  It pours all over the floor!  And each other!  It’s so slimy and slippery!  Whoo hoo!



Eager to encourage independence while containing mess, I caved and bought this bird-like (child-friendly!) dispenser.  Requiring a delicate, unhurried touch, it broke within two weeks.


Refusing to buy anything new, next I took a sample bar of soap and stuck it in a seashell.  Fun!  Interesting!  When that ran out I was ready with a larger bar in a larger shell*.  The first time the wet soap dried to the shell (“I.CAN’T.GET.IT!”),  the whole thing went flying across the room.


I’m back to ground zero just as potty training concludes, popsicle season begins and the sandbox is reopened.

This is actually not the worst mistake I’ve made in my bathroom.  The worst mistake I ever made in my bathroom was to hang two different towels on the single rack.  Oh My God.  It was Sophie’s Choice in there all day every day.

*I found shells among the rocks in front of the house.  I had extra spray paint.  I thought they would look cool (dark, morbid, weird) in the half bathroom.  They do not. #artsandcraftsfail.


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