Farrah In a Baby Carriage

Farrah suffered from diaper rash recently so I wanted to keep her naked for a good long while.  The weather complied nicely but Arlo did not.  At  3 1/2 he is not interested in staying in one place for more than 10 seconds, understandably.  So what to do?  Carrying Farrah doesn’t allow for air flow.  I needed her to be totally unencumbered but mobile and safe.

Enter the buggy I freed from a neighbor’s trash pile:


Rash covered up for the picture. Any nudity on BPS is reserved for me. Like Tony Bennett says, I lost my sense of propriety in San Francisco.

Perfect!  The three of us look a long, long walk and Farrah even fell asleep.  The thing is built like a tank but it shakes and shimmies like THIS.  I could lay her flat in our stroller but it doesn’t have the wobble or whimsy of the buggy.  I’m kind of in love with it.

Speaking of being in love . . .


. . . turns out the buggy’s mattress does make the perfect photography prop.  If anyone in the Madison area would like a shot of your babe on this retro masterpiece, let me know in the Comments!


2 thoughts on “Farrah In a Baby Carriage

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