Lego a Happy Face

Arlo had Thomas and Jack connected (“SNIPPED!”) face-to-face this afternoon and I commented how it looked like they were talking to each other.  Arlo noticed that Jack was smiling and then asked what Thomas’ face was doing.  “Also smiling!” I answered, “They must be talking about something that makes them happy.”  A true Sensy since birth, Arlo is quick to notice expressions and emotions so I encourage discussion around that crap.

Put On a Happy Face

I read somewhere in the NATURAL ORDER OF TOYDOM that Legos follow Thomas the Tank Engine.  I’ve got growing concerns around that shift however after reading how Legos Are Getting Angrier and That’s Not Funny, Study Says.

“A robot expert at New Zealand’s University of Canterbury who’s also a big fan of Lego figures has studied them and determined that in recent years the Danish company has been adding more angry faces to its mix.”


A robot expert?

Anyway, an interesting drive towards aggression at an early age, but what really got me were the readers’ comments, most of which were pro Angry Legos.  In fact, the readers’ comments are more telling than the facts of the article:

“Yes, it must be a plot, because we all know that everyone is always happy all the time. No wonder a huge chunk of our population is neurotic. You can’t even get angry if you’re a Lego person.” – masterdebate (cue eyeroll)

 What’s a Sensy to do in this Brave New Angry Lego World?


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