Perfect Urn

Arlo, Farrah and I headed out for a stroll the other day and since we cover about 10 feet every 10 minutes, I motioned the young lady on the sidewalk to go around us.  She gingerly carried a small box as she passed and said that she too had to move slowly else her cargo would be disturbed.

“Oh!  What’s in there?”  I had to know.


That, Dear Readers, if you’re like me and prefer your nature from the window, is a very, very new baby rabbit.  Morgan found him abandoned in the middle of a sidewalk and decided to do a good deed.  She was off to ask her mom if she could keep it, hoping her mom would take her to pet store for an eye dropper and some formula.  What a kind soul.

That afternoon when bumping in to all our neighbors I excitedly showed this picture to everyone and here’s how it played out:

Older girls:  Interest level: High.  Lots of oohhh and ahhhs.

Young girls:  Interest level:  Medium.

Boys:  Interest level: Glancing.  At best.

Adult Woman Gardener:  Scathing.


On a related note, I used the last match from my El Fuego box in the Half Bathroom.  Can you think of a more perfect urn for a pet cremation?  Totally stashing that thing for the next fish.  I’m sure Morgan’s bunny will be just fine.



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