The Best Thing I Did All Week

For a few precious days I convinced Arlo to stay downstairs and play while I took Farrah upstairs to “help her sleep”.  This usually happens at some point after school pick up and before I attempt to help HIM sleep.

But Arlo does not like to be alone.  Ever.  At all.  For anything.  Attachment Parenting works!  So now he comes upstairs carrying his empty promises of keeping quiet and still, and his construction vehicles.  This is really a drag because Farrah neeeeeeds this sleep.  Like duh.  B-a-b-y.

The other day Arlo was growing desperate (bored) for something to dig.  In the bedroom.  Something to dig in the bedroom rightnow or all hell was going to break loose.  Popping my nipple out of Farrah’s mouth, I opened the closet door and grabbed the first thing I found.

My old prenatal vitamins.

GOLD!  These were such a hit that he had, HAD to go downstairs and bring dump truck up to the party.  To Farrah’s Nap Party.  I don’t know how and I don’t know when but I convinced him to move the party to his room and Farrah finally got to sleep.  As to his nap that day . . .

I’m pretty sure pills are not toys but I felt relief knowing the worst that could happen would be his hair and fingernails growing thicker.

Note to self:  Buy cotton balls.

Happy Weekend!


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