Of Maia

Farrah received her first round of immunizations today.


Two shots in each thigh.  It was a long, exhausting morning as I made the mistake of timing the appointment during her nap.  I won’t do that again.

When Arlo received his first shots I was devastated.  As soon as the nurse shut the door behind us I burst into tears.  At her suggestion, Kris took Arlo and I waited in the hall until it was done.  Another mistake that I did not repeat – abandoning my child in his moment of need.


My children may know pain but they will never endure it without my comfort and love.


Someone else’s child is in pain today, receiving her first of three spinal taps with chemo.  Maia has been fighting AML (acute myeloid leukemia) for six months and her mother’s love has been resolute, her comfort I imagine, unwavering and immeasurable.  My deepest thoughts of maternal devotion are with Amy and Maia today as my own baby sleeps, her pain but a distant memory, her health a gift for which I am so grateful.


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