The Best Thing He Saw All Week


They say there are two seasons in Wisconsin:  winter and construction.  Our walks home from school provide ample opportunity for Arlo to indulge in his two favorite activities: watching construction vehicles and asking me why it does that.  Why.  Why Momma.  Why does it have tracks.  Momma.  Momma.  Why.  For someone who can remember when I cut his fingernail too short eight months ago, he cannot remember why it has tracks despite having explained it yesterday.  Or just three minutes prior.

I know he asks because he’s curious and he continues to ask because he likes to hear the stories.  I know those are great and normal attributes of the three-year old mind, but I’m tired.  Prince said there’s “Joy In Repetition” but I doubt he was singing about motherhood.  (HE’S PRINCE.  HE’S SINGING ABOUT SEX.)  Still we return to construction sites again and again because there’s joy in repetition for Arlo.  I will google the Wirtgen 2200 and tell him all about this machine and why it has tracks and then I will tell him again and again.  Then I will blow his mind and show him the youtube video.

Amidst all this repetition today he asked for a kiss.  “I need a kiss Momma.” Right there on the sidewalk, apropos of nothing.  I bent down and met his pucker.  He said “Thank you for kissing me Momma.”  We resumed our stroll, mind curious, voice tired, hearts full.



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