MMM – Octopus Car Wash

Mostly Madison Mondays – a howdoyoudo from my new hometown of Madison, Wisconsin

I like to wash my own car during the warm months (weeks?) of the year.  I have soap and rags.  A vacuum.  Arms.  Time.  And now I even have a bucket!  It’s something I can do with Farrah and it’s also a chore Arlo can help with:


“Helping” wash the car last summer.

Every time he hears the click of his car door closing, Arlo has a Pavlovian response to eat a (cereal) bar.  “Can I have a bar?”  “Bar please.”  It does not matter if he just ate a side of beef in the driveway.  He neeeeeeeds a bar.  As a result, his quarter of the car is constantly covered in crumbs and there are times when I just need it to get cleaned.  No project.  No playtime.  I just need the car cleaned now BECAUSE THE CRUMBS ARE STARTING TO CRAWL UP MY NECK OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT BACK THERE.  That’s when I trek on over to the beautiful, efficient and iconic Octopus Car Wash.

Octopus has locations throughout the States but it is new to me since moving to Madison and its roly-poly mascot always brings a smile to my face.  Actually Satan himself could be spinning on pitchfork up there and I’d still smile knowing the car would soon be clean, if only for a couple of hours.

“Bar please.”


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