My Narm

My NarmMy Narm

Farrah is in the throes of something major and I think that something is teething.  She’s all kinds of rattled and restless and her sleep has fallen suit.  In order for a nap to last more than 20 minutes I’m back to holding her while she sleeps.  Terrified to inhale – let alone lay her down – my limbs often and compassionately fall asleep.  Whenever this happens I think of Six Feet Under:

I am nothing if not dramatic.

On a side note, Kris and I recently finished the entire series of The Shield, all seven seasons.  The finale was amazing.  Genius.  Flawless.  The only other finale with such an impact, for me, was Six Feet Under.  I’m actually finding it difficult to watch something new and I’m not that picky.  Did you know for example, there’s a new season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge starting tonight.  SQUEEEEEEEAL!  TEAM CT!

If you’re missing Six Feet Under like me, here’s a great piece on why we haven’t seen anything like it since.
(“Because it was a precious unicorn: Unique, majestic, and rare.” – Comments)


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