Visible Monday: Baby Weight

My friend Steph recently lost this much weight:

Steph's Daughter, Marla + 5lbs

Steph’s Daughter, Marla + 5lbs

I recently lost this much weight:

Farrah + 5lbs

Farrah + 5lbs

What we now pick up and put down with ease used to be permanently attached to our bodies.

Baby Weight Baby Weight

If I wear Farrah picking up Arlo from school or on a hike, the relief I feel taking her off is tremendous; my body nearly melts into a puddle from the release.  When I think that I used to carry that weight all the time, doing everything I normally do, I ask myself: Dammit Lisa, WHY AREN’T YOU MORE EFFICIENT?  God, the pressure to perform.  I will say this however: I feel much better in the summer heat this year.  Getting dressed is more of a pleasure.  And while I’ve never been camera-shy, having my picture taken now is less worrisome/more hopeful.

I enjoy this process of stepping back and looking at myself.  Because I am vain.  But it also affords me the opportunity to assess where I’m at and dream about where I’m going and I can tell you with the utmost confidence that where I’m going is to A PANTS STORE.  Look at those saggy drawers.  That will not stand.  I have the ass of a champion and so it shall be costumed and displayed.  And I thought this was just what comfortable felt like.

How are you today?  Are you feeling Visible this summer?


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