Facebook is Fine

I want to thank you Dear Reader if you are linking to BPS via Facebook.  I am flattered by your interest when there are so many other things over which to hover and click.

I think about joining Twitter and Instagram from time to time but I worry about spreading my pith too thin.  Facebook is the perfect platform for me as perfectly expressed in this Lifehacker article:  Facebook is Fine: Just Hide The Noise.

“But let me tell you why I like Facebook so much. It’s very simple: Facebook keeps me connected to folks I care deeply about who aren’t nearby. That’s it. That’s the core value Facebook provides me. It’s one of my very few “emotive” online experiences. And it provides that experience daily and tangibly.”

Preach, Craig!

I think I need this “Like” Counter:


How about you?  Do you juggle more than one social media platform?  How do you keep current and connected?


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