Visible Monday: Striped Pants

I made good on my vow last week to Get Thee To A Pants Store and dashed to Goodwill.  I grabbed five pair in about 30 seconds because Farrah was not in the mood to shop.  Ugh.  Chicks.  Did you know you can return clothes at Goodwill?  Even if I lost the receipt I could donate them and only be out $3.99 a pair.  I went for it and was able to keep four of the five pairs.  Winning!

Striped Pants

I would have kept the fifth pair which were linen and finely crafted had it not been for this:


That’s not a shadow on the ass.  That’s a stain.  A dirt stain I can only hope and pray.

I debuted the striped pair and despite the sneer, felt great in these pants.

Striped Pants

And yes, Stacy and Clinton, I know that stripes need to be straight.  By mid-morning these pants were worked-in and everything became aligned, I swear.  The tank is a light cotton number and the beads are Chewbeads, teething jewelry.  The whole ensemble is a little matchy-matchy but who cares?  Striped pants!  I have always loved striped pants.

Striped Pants

Me and my Striped Pants at the TAJ MAHAL (c. 2000)

Is it because I have so many solid shirts?  I don’t know but I’m happy to have such a fun, vibrant, well-fitting pair in my wardrobe.  And what a difference well-fitting pants make!

Baby WeightStriped Pants

See you next Monday, probably in the florals?  Until then I’m excited to rejoin Patti for Visible Monday.  Head on over to Not Dead Yet Style to kick the week off in style.

Um.  Teething jewelry?  Oh man.  Parenthood.


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