The Best Thing I Saw All Week


By Micah Bazant

Word choice is so important.

I know this because I say things like “I’m going upstairs now.  I expect you to come up when you’re ready.” instead of “You. Upstairs. Or Else”

We are in a great groove with our neighbors this summer.  The retirees across the street have made themselves available should I need help.  They raised their kids in graduate housing and understands it takes a village.  We’ve also made greater strides towards the neighborhood kids, extending and accepting more spontaneous play dates.  Of course the warmer weather provides more opportunity to see and be seen.  Nothing screams “I’m loooonely!” like cleaning invisible sticks off the end of your driveway.

I see my neighbors and they see me (because I force them to) and the only thing our neighborhood watches is the wild turkeys.

A peaceful weekend to you and yours.


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