Visible Monday: Floral Pants

Ours is a small world what with Kris walking back and forth to work and me and the kids walking home from school.  The day I wore this outfit it started to rain and my first thought was “just make it to Kris’s office and wait it out”.  My second thought was “Thank god I look so fly.”  I’ve never been to Kris’s workplace despite it being so close (and a year and a half since he started, WHAT’S UP WITH THAT) so I was happy the first impression I’d make would be this:

Floral Pants

when it could have so easily been this:

Floral Pants

I don’t normally draw that much attention to my bottom half but I’m very pleased with these recently thrifted floral pants.  The fit is perfect, the price was right ($3.99) and every single one of those colors is a Deep Winter.  This matters less on your bottom half but I’ll call it a win.  I took the easy route and paired the pants with black basics.  (When you have short hair a black fedora is a basic.)  What’s lacking is jewelry but I did manage to brush my teeth.  Another win!

These pants remind me of Heather’s over at Vintage French Chic and if we were back in high school, I know we’d be wearing them on the same day.  If we both play our cards right we might wear them in the same assisted living facility while . . . playing cards.

Feeling very visible in my floral pants, I’m excited to join Patti at Not Dead Yet Style.  Since you’re clicking around this Monday afternoon, check out this inspiration page for wearing floral pants without looking like a sofa: (great title!).  I might add another pair of floral pants to my closet after that!

Flowers die.  Pants can live for years!


4 thoughts on “Visible Monday: Floral Pants

  1. Thank you for the shout, my dear. Your comments about wearing them the same day in high school and when we are older cracked me up…because it was so true! I really like the pair you found. They are great for summer and look smart paired with the black top and fedora. I WISH we could go Goodwill shopping together!! (please tell me you regularly check the handbags at Goodwill for hidden alligators…) Love you!


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