Accidentally On Purpose

As Arlo and I were playing with this toy the other day I told him the story about how a couple of years ago our friend Will fell on it.


Me:  “We had this toy in Bermuda.  Do you remember the time when Will and Alexander were at our house and you were all playing together and Will fell on this toy?  He got hurt!  Poor Will.”
Arlo:  “Did Alexander push him?”
“What?  No.”  I shake my head.  “No sweetie, no one pushed anyone, he just fell.”
“Was he kicking it?”
“No Arlo, no one was doing anything.  Will must have tripped on something.”
“Was he being bad?”
I have many faults, lo they are many, but I don’t believe I’ve ever used the word “bad” when describing behavior or character.  I hate when people ask me if Farrah is a good baby.  “Is there any other kind?” I reply.
As to Arlo’s perplexing insistence on placing blame, I can only assign that to the Breaking Bad episodes he’s been catching up on.  Someone’s gotta pay.

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